Friday, January 9, 2009

Brian's First Triathlon!

This past fall Brian competed in his very first triathlon! Brian has always loved to run and cycle so he thought he would give this a try. We originally planned on competing together. I even bought my first "real" bike. I trained with him, and he usually out cycled me, but October turned out to be a pretty hectic month for me and I had NO energy by the time the race rolled around! Brian cycled all the time and ran almost every day... I think he forgot about the swimming portion... haha! We joke about how that wasn't his strongest area. Needless to say... he had a blast doing it and I am so proud that he met his goal of just finishing his first triathlon and not giving up. Our goal for next year? For both of us to do it together and for Brian to improve his swimming skills :)



  1. okay, i a going to try this again. So where did you get that picture? :-) Sorry I don't have more.