Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wedding Update!

We have started to feel the stresses of planning a wedding! The past few weeks have been so hectic. It has been very difficult to stay organized and work around everyone's crazy schedule. But...not too much longer until...our wedding day!!!!!!! We can not wait to spend the day with our family and friends and finally be husband and wife. We have officially decided that we are waiting until August to take our honeymoon. Our work schedules right now are hard to work around so we would rather wait until we know that we can really enjoy ourselves and not be worried about work and everything we have to get done. We just want to relax and August will be a better time for will give us something to look forward to! So much to do and so little time...haha. Keep us in your prayers!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Organized...

When two people get married there comes the task of combining two homes into one. That is exactly what we are going through right now. We are trying to make room for all of our "stuff" and go through and get rid of things that we never use. As stressful and daunting as this is we are slowly but surely making progress. One of the first things we have done is hang shelves in some closets and rooms. This created a lot more storage space for us to use. Instead of spending money on expensive shelving we actually made our own. It was pretty easy to do...Brian was confident that we could do it and make it look it good but I was a little more hesitant! After a trip to Lowe's, to get our wood pieces cut into the size that we needed, we came back home and painted and stained our shelves. We had all of our shelves sanded and painted in one night and hung the next day. It was that simple! These are our pics of some of our shelves in our laundry room and in one of our bathroom closets. I know...this is a pretty random thing to be blogging about was something that we did together and one of our first steps in creating a home together so we are very proud of ourselves! We made shelves for both walls in our laundry room but our other shelf was pretty messy so I decided to not post a picture of it for the whole world to see! Next up...the office! We have started to tackle this monstrous room and should be done with it by the weekend. We'll keep you posted!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready for Spring!

We are so ready for spring! No more snow, ice, or cold weather! The weather has been quite nice the past few days...yesterday being the exception. We can handle some rain but not 50 mph winds...that was awful. We love cycling and we are itching to get our bikes back out on the road. Hannah took hers out for a little bit last week but it was still a little chilly so she didn't last too long! We're also getting a little bored running on a treadmill...we would much rather run outside where we can really enjoy running. With spring weather comes more opportunites for trips to the dog park. Our "kids" get a little restless when we don't take them on a regular basis. We've taken them a few times during the winter months but it gets so cold and we never end up staying for too long. Nothing is better than taking those leashes off of them and just watching them run! They have a blast and they ususally come home and sleep the rest of the day...which is kind of nice for us! Is anyone else feeling this way? We are so over winter! Let's SPRING forward! haha...we know...corny!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Haha...this is how we feel after this week! We are so glad it is the weekend and we are excited that we don't have too much on our agenda. We may actually get to spend some time together...what's that? It certainly hasn't been a bad week...just a long one. We haven't really seen each other a whole lot this week. Between Brian studying for his inservice exam and our work schedules it's really been hit or miss. When one of us is working, the other one is off! Other than our usual Saturday morning errands and a rehearsal Sunday afternoon, the rest of our time is all for us! Who knows what we'll get into...movies maybe? Gym? Dog park? We'll probably just be lazy and lounge around...hey?...what's wrong with that?!?! Haha...Have a good weekend :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lazy Days...

The dogs were pretty restless after a few days of not being able to go outside and play. We had to make do with their toys inside. Carson got to the point where he would just hop in his toy basket and play in there! He usually doesn't do was pretty funny! Then there was one day when we took the dogs out and let them run around for a while despite the ice and snow...apparently it wore Carson and Coco out. They were out for the rest of the day. Carson was so tired that he fell asleep in his basket while getting a toy!
We got pretty bored at night and tried find ways to entertain night we set up our camera and took random pictures. Apparently something was really funny...haha. We are thankful that the weather is clearing up and we can't wait for the spring!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Here's some pics from the Snow/Ice Storm...

Ice Storm 2009!!

We survived the ice storm of '09! haha...and today we have another snow day! I was out of work all of last week. The studio was closed because of the weather and the schools, here in town, were shut down all week. We were fortunate to keep our electricity...I know my mom was out for a few days. We did feel blessed that we could have her over and help her and my sister stay warm! The ice stayed around for quite a few days and finally began to melt on Sunday and Monday and's been snowing for the past few hours! My work has been cancelled for tonight and Brian... is still working! He has to go in no matter what...a hospital never shuts down! We took a lot of pictures of the snow and ice but we will have to upload them later for everyone to see...there are some good ones...especially of our dogs...they love the snow!