Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ready for Spring!

We are so ready for spring! No more snow, ice, or cold weather! The weather has been quite nice the past few days...yesterday being the exception. We can handle some rain but not 50 mph winds...that was awful. We love cycling and we are itching to get our bikes back out on the road. Hannah took hers out for a little bit last week but it was still a little chilly so she didn't last too long! We're also getting a little bored running on a treadmill...we would much rather run outside where we can really enjoy running. With spring weather comes more opportunites for trips to the dog park. Our "kids" get a little restless when we don't take them on a regular basis. We've taken them a few times during the winter months but it gets so cold and we never end up staying for too long. Nothing is better than taking those leashes off of them and just watching them run! They have a blast and they ususally come home and sleep the rest of the day...which is kind of nice for us! Is anyone else feeling this way? We are so over winter! Let's SPRING forward! haha...we know...corny!

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