Thursday, February 19, 2009

Getting Organized...

When two people get married there comes the task of combining two homes into one. That is exactly what we are going through right now. We are trying to make room for all of our "stuff" and go through and get rid of things that we never use. As stressful and daunting as this is we are slowly but surely making progress. One of the first things we have done is hang shelves in some closets and rooms. This created a lot more storage space for us to use. Instead of spending money on expensive shelving we actually made our own. It was pretty easy to do...Brian was confident that we could do it and make it look it good but I was a little more hesitant! After a trip to Lowe's, to get our wood pieces cut into the size that we needed, we came back home and painted and stained our shelves. We had all of our shelves sanded and painted in one night and hung the next day. It was that simple! These are our pics of some of our shelves in our laundry room and in one of our bathroom closets. I know...this is a pretty random thing to be blogging about was something that we did together and one of our first steps in creating a home together so we are very proud of ourselves! We made shelves for both walls in our laundry room but our other shelf was pretty messy so I decided to not post a picture of it for the whole world to see! Next up...the office! We have started to tackle this monstrous room and should be done with it by the weekend. We'll keep you posted!

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