Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ice Storm 2009!!

We survived the ice storm of '09! haha...and today we have another snow day! I was out of work all of last week. The studio was closed because of the weather and the schools, here in town, were shut down all week. We were fortunate to keep our electricity...I know my mom was out for a few days. We did feel blessed that we could have her over and help her and my sister stay warm! The ice stayed around for quite a few days and finally began to melt on Sunday and Monday and today....it's been snowing for the past few hours! My work has been cancelled for tonight and Brian... is still working! He has to go in no matter what...a hospital never shuts down! We took a lot of pictures of the snow and ice but we will have to upload them later for everyone to see...there are some good ones...especially of our dogs...they love the snow!

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