Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ode to Brian (haha)!

This week has been absolutely crazy...
So much going on in both of our lives.
Today was the first time (in a long time due to Brian's work schedule) that we were able to spend ALL day together and I am feeling so blessed right now.

We just got back home, from our evening service at church and from spending an awesome afternoon with my family to celebrate my Papa's 90th birthday (he is an amazing man)! After such a wonderful day together....I can not help but smile when I think about my husband. He is beyond incredible!

I am so proud of him and all of his accomplishments...I'm just so proud and blessed to call him my husband. We've been married a little more than a year now and that word....husband...never gets old. He loves me unconditionally...inside and out (flaws and all!!) but yet we are continuing to build each other up in Christ and live our lives according to His Word.

Brian makes me laugh every day and I am truly honored to be his wife and to have him as my best friend. I pray that our marriage continues on the path it is on...we are certainly not perfect but I love the time I spend with my husband and I pray that never gets old :)

I am also very thankful that he never has to do night float ever again! Maybe that's why I'm in such a good mood...hahaha!!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of this beautiful weekend...

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