Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dance Overdose

I am so thankful for my job and beyond grateful that I have been given the opportunity to do something that I really LOVE each and every day. I’m surrounded by sweet kids who share the same passion as I do and I’m surrounded by life long friends who support and truly care for one another…..but lately I have been suffering from a dance overdose!!

It has been non-stop for the past month! I’ve gone from competitions (DESOD and dance team) to dance team tryouts, planning a dance team banquet, rehearsals for DESOD’s recital, DESOD’s 4 night recital, to choreographing 4 routines for another high school in KY (2 hours away….4 hours round trip!!!), choreographing 3 new solos for my students who are going to Governor’s School for the Arts (so proud and excited for them), help a Miss Ky contestant and a JR. Miss contestant, choreograph my own dance team’s camp routine (this is where we qualify for nations…eeek!), edit music for all above dances…..and do this all while trying to keep the house clean, have the laundry done (this has not been successful!), spend quality with my hubby, take care of the dogs, have down time with my family and spend time in His Word each day ( He is the only thing that gives me the strength and motivation each day….)… be honest…..I’m a bit exhausted!

But….at the end of the day…’s rewarding to know that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life or helped out another dance coach who is in her first year (which was me last year), made a new friend or created new memories with your old ones J

I have however started my official countdown to our family vacation…15 DAYS!! Can’t wait to have this time with my husband, mom and sister!

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  1. I miss dancing so much! I wish we were in high school again sometimes. All of use piled into a car on the way from school to Diana's, driving thru Fazolis, and then 4 hours of dance and play time with all the people we loved to be with. Memories! :)