Saturday, July 4, 2009

Our Goal for the Summer...

What ever happened to the days of indulging yourself in a good book? Or, sitting down and really enjoying a good home-cooked dinner? We are all so guilty of over committing ourselves to countless things at once. Well...Brian and I have decided that, for the next month, we are going to SIMPLIFY our lives. 

We are lucky that, over the next month, Brian does not have to take call and my schedule at the dance studio is much lighter than usual. So, we are really dedicated to committing ourselves to this new goal of ours. We want to simplify our home and our lives. It's time to throw out the stuff we don't really need and time to de-clutter!! No more scheduling twenty different appointments in one day. We want to spend more time with each other and with our family and friends. We get so caught up in our day to day lives that we sometimes forget about our relationships with others so we really want to make sure we are staying focused on the right things. So good! July is going to be a wonderful month.

 I've already enjoyed being able to read more and spend more time with the Lord than I usually do. This has been very rewarding for me and helps me get through the day with a lot more enthusiasm and energy. Brian and I now read TOGETHER...EVERY night before bed. We both read and study the bible on our own but it is so much fun to spend that time together. Speaking of reading...we have a pile of books that we've been putting off reading...we are looking forward to taking some time for ourselves and do things that we really enjoy doing! We have been working out so much more and the pay off has been wonderful. It's so great to feel more energized as we tackle our day. Brian and I look forward to finding more ways to simplifying our lives and we are excited to take advantage of the time that we get to spend together this month...before everything gets busy again!!


  1. yay yay yay! John and I are doing a study together too! It is so great to..or read about you two and your growth as a married couple. IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!!!


    thought you might like this post.. let me know if you can not get to it.