Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Gave In...

Well...we joined the rest of America and got an Apple iPhone!! We feel pretty lucky that we were even able to get one considering so many stores sold out pretty quickly within the first day that they were released. We've been looking forward to getting these and we've saved our money so that we could get the new version of the iPhone. Our AT&T store ran out of phones the first day so we made a day trip to the Apple store in Louisville! We may seem crazy but we enjoyed the drive together and had a nice dinner while we were up there. June has proven to be a busy month for us and we really hadn't spent a lot of time together until our impromptu road trip so it was great to spend the day together. We are still in awe of our new gadgets...we are so amazed at how advanced technology has become over the past few's pretty awesome! 


  1. i am jealous, i told John that now that he is a "working" man to get me one. :-)

  2. Haha!!! They really are all should look into it :)