Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes....

I feel like this past week has gone by in slow motion and like I'm walking around in a gaze. That's probably because I still haven't fully recovered and caught up on all of my sleep from our dance team trip to Orlando, FL. We went, we competed, we rocked....however we didn't make finals :( BUT......that's ok!!! Why?!?!?! Because my girls were AWESOME!!! I have never seen them dance with more passion and energy. We were in a tough semifinals group and I really feel that if we had been in the other group then we would have gone on to the next round. Every dance before us was the same....cookie cutter, happy, cheesy, lots of glitz.....and then there was my team. Black, plain, dark, deep, depressed....but refreshing! Our dance was so different from the soon as our music came on, the crowd went silent. We performed at the Indiana Jones Theater, at Hollywod Studios, and there were hundreds of people there. Everyone literally stopped what they were doing just to watch us....what a great feeling! By the time our dance ended you could have heard a pin drop. The girls came off stage so excited and I was basically in tears because I had never seen them dance better. They were unbelievable!! I thought for sure that they would breeze into finals....the girls watched their video and were all so happy!! While backstage and walking back to my spot in the audience, I had several coaches, from across the nation, compliment me on my girls and on the choreography ( I was offered 4 choreography!! Unfortunately, during finals announcements our school's name was not called. I was disappointed and I now the girls were too but to be honest....I wouldn't have changed a thing about their performance. Every girl went out there and danced to their fullest potential and they left everything out on the stage and to me....that's all that matters. They did the best they could! We made an impact on our audience and isn't that what dance is about? Here's the link to their jazz performance. Next year....we'll be finals....we were so close this year ;) So proud of my girls!! Though we didn't make finals we did get to have some fun times at the parks...all in all a very successful trip and one that I wouldn't trade for the world.

That's my name!!!!
Fireworks over the Castle at the Magic Kingdom :)

Just because we're in FL doesn't mean we can't condition ;)

Good morning practice/ run/ conditioning....

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