Thursday, February 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, the city of Lexington was blessed with another cake shop to tempt you to come in and indulge your sweet tooth....but this is not just any cake's a CUPCAKE shop! And it was good :) Gigi's Cupcakes (check out their website) kept teasing me every time I drove past. I was always pretty good about driving by and later feeling good about my decision and being so proud because I had defeated my HUGE sweet tooth. However on this particular Thursday sweet tooth won the battle and I finally gave in and stepped in to Gigi's for my first visit.

Oh goodness....there were A LOT of choices. Cookies n'Cream, Boston Cream Pie, Carrot Cream, Strawberries n' Cream, Midnight Chocolate, the list went on and on and on....I was amazed by the massive selection. Ultimately I chose the Wedding Wonderland cupcake. I really wanted chocolate but vanilla is healthier right???? my mind it is!!!
The amount of icing on the cupcake was absolutely ridiculous....delicious but ridiculous! It was oh so rich and I got a fresh batch so the cake was so was perfection. It was so perfect (and rich!) that I couldn't eat it all at once. I'm pretty sure my blood sugar was through the roof and I was on some sort of sugar high because I got a headache about an hour later. But it was so worth it :)
There are so many wonderful bakeries and cake shops around town. What are some of your all's favorites? I'm pretty sure I've sampled them all!! Gigi's is worth a stop....cute shop, sweet treats and really sweet women who work there. So if you're craving sugar you know where to head!!

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