Friday, March 5, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane! has been a whirlwind of a day so far and in a's just begun! Brian and I have had a looooooong day. We were up much later than we had originally planned on being. I'll blame it on "still packing" but I think we were just too excited to sleep. Remember, when you were a kid, how you would get on Christmas Eve???? Wondering what Santa is going leave for you and what surprises you'll receive the next morning....well, that's how excited we were last night. However, when my alarm went off just a few hours later (3:45 am!!) I was totally regretting all that excitement. We quickly got ready, loaded up the car and headed up the road to Louisville, KY to catch our first flight. Of course we stopped and got McDonald's along the way! I'm pretty sure those calories don't count when you're traveling ;) We were extremely blessed to have everything go so long lines at the airport, smooth flights, etc,...
We literally just checked into our hotel room and we're getting ready to freshen up and head out for a date with our favorite city....Seattle! I'll be blogging throughout our weekend trip so Brian and I can share what we're up to for our family and friends. Here's some random pics:

Getting ready to can see the Space Needle right in the middle!

Apparently I was just overcome with extreme excitement :)
Long morning but happy!!

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