Monday, March 29, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane....AGAIN!!

March 21- April 16 is a very long time for someone to be away from home. Unfortunately, these are the dates for Brian's 4 week AFIP course in Washington D.C....which is required for his radiology residency. I've moped, complained, and dreaded this month for about a year now,when the dates were finalized for his trip. Now...the time is here.
The first week wasn't too bad and it actually went by fairly quickly but that was probably because I was counting down the days until I was able to fly out and meet him here! He happened to plan his attendance to this conference during my spring break...(and our one year anniversary!!!!). I arrived here on Friday and we have had a blast together. Saturday was spent exploring most of the monuments and we ended our day with a visit to the Natural History Museum. Sunday morning consisted of hunting down the closest Panera....hey! When a girl needs a bagel, a girl needs her bagel! We found one....outside of the city and a few metro stops away. After getting back into D.C. we walked to the National Air and Space Museum. It was so fun to watch Brian in that museum. He absolutely LOVED it :)
Brian had some lectures this morning, that he attended, and I've been battling the horrible internet connection in our room. I'm trying to be quick because before I know it it will go out again. It's been rainy most of the day so we've stayed in but I'm looking forward to the rest of the week....beautiful weather with high's in the 70's!! Ahhhh.....sunshine!!
Here's some pics from this past Friday:

Taking a walk :)

The Natural History Museum had a display of coal from Hazard, KY!

Brian at the Natural History Museum

Washington Monument

On our way up to see the Lincoln Memorial


  1. fun time, looks great and I can't believe you hunted down a Panera. So funny. Thought of you today when i bought A WHITE CHOCOLATE covered Resses CUP!

  2. Ummmmm.....I would like to know where you found a white chocolate one?!?! Those are my FAVORITES and I haven't been able to find them anywhere!!!