Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Day Off!

We both had the day off from work yesterday so, after catching up on some must needed rest, we headed up to Cincinnatti, Ohio for some shopping and good food! We did some shopping in the Kenwood area and bought some things for our home. We are in love with our new towels from Pottery Barn...I'm so glad our good friend Diana suggested we check them out. We got some items to organize our bedroom and office and also got a new shower curtain for the master bath. Again...I got very excited about the shower curtain! It really brightnened up the bathroom. I introduced Brian to Crate & Barrel ( that's where we got our shower curtain) and I'm pretty sure he loves it as much as I do. After lots of shopping we headed to one of our favorite restaurants...Cheesecake Factory. Yum! It was a perfect day and it was wonderful to spend some time with each other. When we got back home we immediately started putting our things to use. Once we get everything organized and all of our wedding presents put away we will post some pictures of our place for our friends and family to see!


  1. wow! I am so glad that you like your towels! I love Crate and Barrel, totally bummed I haven't been there so long. See you tonight!

  2. i love that your calender says that you have been married for 3 days.. how cute is that!