Thursday, April 16, 2009

Making It Work

So last Tuesday I decided to pay my mom a quick visit at her workplace. I was driving on New Circle Road, two exits away from where I was supposed to get off, when a chunk of wood, about the size of a brick (a little larger), came flying out of the bed of the pick up truck in front of me. I was so worried it was going to hit my windshield...I couldn't swerve into the other lane because of the cars traveling so quickly and I couldn't swerve off the road because there was a ditch. I slowed down as much as I could but ultimately the wood hit the front grill of my car and continued to bounce and hit underneath. The lights on my dashboard flashed for a moment but my airbag light remained on. I pulled off to the nearest exit because I was so scared that the airbag was going to go off. didn't! I called my dealership and had my car towed to the body shop. They told me that I was smart to pull off and not continue to drive because anything could have set off the airbag. I'm so grateful that my airbags didn't go would have made the situation so much worse.

After waiting for about an hour, the tow truck finally arrived! While I waited, I called my mom, who came and stayed with me, and told Brian everything that had happened. I was also two and a half hours late for work. I was on the phone so long that afternoon talking with the insurance people and the workers at the body shop...I was exhausted! There wasn't a whole lot that they could do so I had to wait until Wednesday to get an estimate. The girl working told me that she would call me back by noon on Wednesday with the estimate and we would take it from there. We were pretty sure insurance would cover most of it but we just had to wait and make sure. Sooooo...Wednesday rolled around and I hadn't heard anything so I called and left several messages...nothing! I was so frustrated! Thursday rolled around...still nothing! Again...I called and left several messages with the woman I had been in contact with. Friday rolled around...FINALLY, after I called, I got some information. They still hadn't completed my estimate!

All this time, Brian and I have been carpooling to and from work. I will get up early and take him to work and he will stay late, until I'm done at the studio, and then I will go back and pick him up. It was pretty rough the first few days but we've gotten used to it and it's nice to spend some time together in the mornings.

Well, I finally got my full estimate on Monday afternoon and they have been working on my car since Tuesday. Hopefully I will have it tomorrow!!

This entire situation has been less than ideal but sometimes God puts you in situations for a reason. I've learned to be more patient and Brian and I have made our routine work and we have adapted to our schedules. By getting up earlier I have actually gotten a lot more done around the house and, when Brian stays late at the hospital, he gets his dictations done for his clinics much more quickly. When he does them at home I feel like there are so many distractions so this has actually helped him stay more focused.

I'm just thankful that I, or anyone else, wasn't injured. Things could have of been a lot worse. Brian and I have come to enjoy spending our mornings together!


  1. Congratulations on your new life together. I happened across your blog quite by accident and had to read your first entry. Certainly didn't expect the direction it took. Glad that everything has worked out. And yes, it could have been so much worse. Enjoy your mornings while they last. :)